For a long time, incandescent lamps were the only light source. Energy-saving lamps and halogen lamps were added later, but some of these brought new disadvantages. Only with lighting based on LEDs is there a real alternative to light bulbs on the market. LED lights last longer and use much less energy.

They also offer many interesting additional functions. For example, they glow in any color or can simply be stuck to the wall or furniture as a band.

The past without LED strips

The invention of the lightbulb represented a tremendous advance in the 19th century. It burned much brighter than any candle, oil, or gas lamp. She was also much less dangerous. The light bulb was then an integral part of our lives for many decades. We accepted the disadvantages of this meanwhile outdated technology.

A regular replacement of the bulbs was a matter of course and part of everyday life. The fact that a lightbulb generates far more heat than light also seemed normal for a long time. Smaller explosions, in which the room was subsequently littered with glass splinters, were also not uncommon.

In order to save energy and protect the environment, the first attempts were finally made to develop alternative light sources.

Halogen bulbs use less power than an incandescent bulb and last twice as long. However, they still require a lot of energy. The glass bulb of the lamp heats up to around 250 degrees Celsius. It therefore also generates much more heat than light. In addition, the durability is not significantly higher than that of incandescent lamps. Here, too, the regular exchange is necessary.

Energy-saving lamps made it possible to save a significant amount of electricity. However, they possessed a number of new problems. In contrast to other lamps, they are not immediately bright. Instead, it sometimes takes up to five minutes before they reach their full potential. As a result, many people left the lamps on longer than necessary to benefit from full brightness. This eliminated the energy-saving effect.

In addition, energy-saving lamps contain mercury and many other toxic substances. They can therefore not be disposed of normally with household waste. In addition, they pose an enormous health risk during operation and especially when they fall.

In summary, it can be said that neither halogen lamps nor energy-saving lamps offer real added value compared to incandescent lamps.

What are the advantages of LED strips?

Red led strip on the black background

The future of light sources only finally began with the invention of LED lights. Whether classic incandescent bulbs or energy-saving bulbs – LEDs surpass everything that has gone before.

These eight advantages distinguish LED lights from other light sources:

  • no delay when switching on
  • long durability
  • high efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • numerous colors possible
  • made of durable components
  • dimmable
  • no toxic ingredients

Below we briefly discuss each of these benefits.

Full light at the push of a button

Normal energy-saving lamps often need a long time before they reach their maximum brightness. They are therefore unsuitable for quickly illuminating a room. This is noticeable, for example, in basement rooms where people normally only stay for a short time. By the time you leave the room, the lamp is often not really bright.

LED modules, on the other hand, are immediately ready for use. They, therefore, offer the same luxury as incandescent or halogen lamps. In this way, rooms can be illuminated quickly and efficiently.

Very long lifespan

Another key benefit of LED lights is their durability. Running times of 15,000 hours are already part of the absolute minimum. There are hardly any upper limits. Many LED Strips World products even have a running time of 200,000 hours.

Conventional light bulbs only last about 1000 hours. Energy-saving lamps, for their part, have a service life of around 10,000 hours.

In contrast to incandescent lamps, LED lights can also be used after the end of their lifetime. While incandescent lamps usually give up surprisingly, LED lamps only shine weaker. The LED chip does not contain any components that no longer work due to a defect. In this way, LED lights can continue to be used many years after the end of their lifetime.

Hardly any heat emission

Although LED lights are very bright, they hardly give off any heat. This distinguishes them from incandescent lamps or halogen lamps. These are often so hot during operation that there is a risk of burns.

A light bulb emits around 95 percent of the energy it uses in the form of heat. A lot of energy is lost as a result. In addition, with light bulbs, it is always important to ensure that there are no flammable materials nearby.

LED lights, on the other hand, use almost all of the energy to generate light and are therefore much more efficient than other light sources. There is also no risk of burns or damage to other objects. The temperature of the lamps usually corresponds to that of the body.

Significantly lower energy consumption

Therefore, LED lights require much less power than other lamps to achieve the same brightness. The difference between light bulbs is up to 80 percent. Even compared to energy-saving lamps, lamps with LEDs require 50 percent less electricity. Especially with regard to the environment, LEDs are the light source of the future and offer maximum efficiency.

The low power consumption is also quickly apparent in relation to the performance of the lamps. For example, LED lights require eight watts for the same amount of light and a normal incandescent lamp requires 60 watts.

Any color possible

3d render, abstract neon background, virtual reality tunnel, ultraviolet spectrum, fashion catwalk podium, empty performance stage, floor reflection

In contrast to conventional lamps, LED lights are extremely diverse and available in numerous colors. Whether yellow, red, or blue – the lamps shine in every imaginable color. So-called RGB lights can also be individually adapted to your own mood. So they always shine in the right color.

Robust construction

Conventional lamps are often very sensitive to shock. If they fall, they are usually unusable. LED lights, on the other hand, impress with their insensitivity to shocks and vibrations of all kinds. For this reason, they are ideally suited for mobile use. Important areas of application are, for example, bicycle lights, flashlights as well as machine and vehicle lights.

Easily dimmable

LED lights can be easily dimmed. You can even change the color or color temperature if you wish. This is made possible by the so-called pulse width modulation (PWM). The technology benefits from the fact that LEDs can be switched on and off without any problems. This enables high frequencies without damaging the lamps.

Good for people and the environment

In addition to the lower energy consumption, LED lights also make an important contribution to the environment due to their composition. Classic energy-saving lamps contain extremely harmful mercury. It is, therefore, necessary to dispose of them as hazardous waste after use. With LED lights, on the other hand, disposal as normal electronic waste is possible. In addition, individual components are increasingly being reused.

In terms of health, energy-saving lamps are also the worse choice, as there is always a risk that toxic mercury vapors will be released. Even with the normal operation of such lights, toxic substances get into the room air.

The diverse LED lights from LED Strips World at a glance

Empty Dark Huge Hall Room With Metal Reflective Detailed Floor And Many White Little Led Lights Glowing On Top Empty Space For Text 3D Rendering Illustration
Empty Dark Huge Hall Room With Metal Reflective Detailed Floor And Many White Little Led Lights Glowing On Top Empty Space For Text 3D Rendering Illustration

Our company has an extraordinarily wide range of products and offers you unique LED lights for many different purposes.

QLF-LED-Strip: Pure flexibility

With the QLF series, we have extremely adaptable LED strips on offer, which also impress with a high color fastness of 80 CRI. They can also be shortened to any length and reach a length of up to five meters. The color temperature can also be freely selected between 2200 and 6500 Kelvin.

Whether as linear lighting for furniture or for individual decorative accents: our LED strips are always a good choice.

QLF Pro LED Strip: Particularly robust

Our QLF Pro brand LED strips are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the use of high-quality ceramics and gold-coated conductors, they are extremely durable. Benefit from an operating time of up to 200,000 hours.

The LED strips retain their luminosity and color fastness for around 60 years. They can also be easily cut with scissors.

QLP LED modules: Perfect for wall and ceiling surfaces

With the QLP series, we offer square LED modules that quickly light up large areas. Here we also rely on the materials ceramic and gold in order to also guarantee a long service life outdoors. The modules can be cut every 48 millimeters and controlled via different systems.

Cosmic: The room-filling floor lamp

It’s hard to find a brighter floor lamp than our Cosmic. With 8000 lumens, it reliably illuminates every room. In addition, the lamp is compatible with Apple HomeKit.

QLS LED screen: Home cinema at its finest

Our QLS displays guarantee an extremely high 16-bit resolution and a refresh rate of 3840 Hertz. The screen is only 25 millimeters thick and easy to mount on the wall. It is also extremely easy to expand and requires no maintenance or ventilation. The screen size can be set individually thanks to the modular structure.

What do you benefit from when buying LED lights from LED Strips World?

LED Strips World is the leading manufacturer of LED lights, controls, and housings. With numerous innovative products, we play a key role in ensuring a sustainable future. The solutions from LED Strips world are designed for long and trouble-free operation. Thanks to the long service life and efficiency of our products, we make a valuable contribution to the environment.

We only process raw materials that meet our strict quality requirements. We also pay attention to the greatest possible degree of fairness towards our suppliers. We create trust through long-term and stable cooperation as well as holistic logistics. Every link in our production chain is crucial to our work and therefore enjoys our full attention.

In addition to outstanding quality, it is our concern to provide you with exactly the product you need. In addition to the wide range of items in our range, we also offer you individual solutions. Together with you, we create unique and professional work that is perfectly tailored to you.

In order to achieve this goal, we rely on detailed personal advice and a large degree of customer proximity. Contact us now and tell us your wishes. Our competent and experienced team looks forward to meeting you. Simply use our uncomplicated contact form.


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