Lighting is a central element when planning your own four walls. The optimal interplay of general lighting, zone lighting, and accent lighting makes a decisive contribution to the effect of the rooms. Especially the latter puts certain areas in a special light, lets furniture or works of art shine, and creates light effects in the apartment or in the house.

This is hidden behind the accent lighting

While both the basic or general lighting and the zone lighting are primarily designed to provide brightness, accent lighting serves as a decorative element. It creates individual focal points, creates stronger contrasts, and sets visual highlights. Accentuating light thus has a special influence on the atmosphere and ambiance of a room and arouses positive feelings.

With them, paintings or sculptures can be staged or couch areas can be provided with cozy light. If the basic lighting is quite bright, care should be taken to ensure that the light intensity of the accent lighting is sufficiently high. This works particularly well with directional lighting solutions, such as recessed spotlights. With the help of colored lamps, other impressive effects can also be created.

Set accents with LED lamps

LEDs are ideal for an individual and effective lighting design in your own home. They combine various advantages because they are:

  • particularly energy efficient
  • economical in power consumption
  • compact and flexible in use
  • robust and switch-proof
  • extremely durable 

The powerful lamps can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to different designs and designs, they offer a tailor-made solution for every requirement.

Ceiling and wall lights

Spotlights on ceilings, walls, or in corner areas create an attractive, harmonious accent lighting that skilfully loosens up the room ambiance. Due to their special radiation characteristics, swiveling spotlights and spotlights offer a variety of options for visual staging – regardless of whether you want to display a sculpture on a pedestal or create an atmospheric atmosphere in the house bar. The accentuating cone of light highlights your desired area and provides eye-catchers in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

LED strips

LED strips can be installed in corners and edges as well as behind or under furniture. They can be ordered in individual desired lengths and complement every room perfectly as a design element. As versatile accent lighting, they are available in a single-color version as well as RGB, RGBW, or RGBWW lights. In addition, almost all LED strips in our shop are equipped with a dimming function, so that not only the light color but also the brightness can be ideally adapted to the situation. Waterproof models can also be used outdoors without any problems.

LED strip

In contrast to the bars, LED strips are designed flexibly and can be adapted to different shapes. Thanks to their quick-connect system, they can be joined together to any length. As a strip set, the colorful accent lighting includes everything you need for installation and operation, from the lamp to the cable and power supply unit to the remote control. Due to their self-adhesive properties, the stripes can be attached securely and adaptably to smooth surfaces.

Accent lighting with LEDs: energy-efficient, atmospheric, durable

Whether in the kitchen, dining area, living room, or bedroom – with high-quality LED accent lighting, you can emphasize objects and room areas according to your own ideas. They shine in different colors and, as a waterproof variant, can also be installed in bathrooms, gardens, or by pools. Create unique lighting effects in your home with spotlights, strips, and strips from our online shop.