LED bulbs represent an immense advance and are far superior to conventional light bulbs and other lamps. They last much longer, consume hardly any electricity, and can be individually adjusted in color and brightness.

Lamps that use the new LED technology have a service life of at least 15,000 hours. Many LED Strips World products far exceed this value and are designed for a service life of 200,000 hours.

Despite everything, it sometimes happens that LED bulbs fail and disposal is necessary. For example, in this article, you will learn how to identify defective lamps and where to take them.

How do LED strips work and what advantages do they offer?

LED lamps consist of semiconductor components and produce tiny flashes of light (photons). The color of the LEDs can be adjusted as desired by simply controlling the amount of energy. The functional principle is therefore significantly more complicated, but also more efficient than with normal light sources. In contrast to a light bulb, there is hardly any waste heat.

Because of these unique advantages, LEDs are superior to incandescent bulbs, for example, in many respects. Because they consist of permanently mounted electronic components, they last much longer than, say, a filament. The power consumption is also much lower as the energy output is concentrated on the light. Incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, generate far more heat than light.

In addition, they inherently contain a dimming function and are capable of rendering many different colors. Compared to energy-saving lamps, they also have the advantage that they are immediately bright and contain no toxic ingredients.

How can I tell that an LED light source is no longer working properly?

Led strip coil on dark background. Led shining diodes background.

Normal light bulbs have many disadvantages. However, it is very easy to see whether they still work or not. The bulb simply no longer lights up, and the filament inside usually shows visible damage.

With LED lamps, however, it is much more complicated to determine whether there is a defect. The lamps do not have a filament, but light-emitting diodes. Depending on the error present, these show various signs of damage.

As with the incandescent lamp, an LED lamp is always defective if it no longer lights up. A weaker light or a changed color also indicates that the lamp is not working properly.

The reason for the failure is also not easy to identify. In light bulbs, as a rule, the filament burns out. This happens in particular when the lamp is switched on. However, LED lamps are more similar to computers than normal lamps in terms of how they work. They consist of a large number of technical components.

The light-emitting diode itself is only defective in exceptional cases. If the lamp does not work properly, this is often due to an error in the electronics. However, this is often not visible to the naked eye.

Therefore, pay attention to whether the lamp is unusually dark or changes color. If the condition does not improve over time, everything indicates that the lamp is damaged beyond repair. In this case, it is time to dispose of the LED bulb.

What should be considered when disposing of LED lamps?

LED Strips recycle

If light bulbs or halogen lamps are defective, disposal is extremely easy. Thanks to their simple construction, they can be thrown away with household waste. They consist only of glass and metal and contain no environmentally harmful or particularly valuable components.

Due to their technical components, LED lamps are classified as electronic waste. In addition, they contain many special materials that do not belong in household waste. In this respect, they can be compared to energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes, which also do not belong in the dustbin.

As with all illuminants, a glass container is out of the question for disposal. Lamps are made of a different kind of glass than mason jars and bottles, for example. Among other things, the melting point of these is significantly lower than that of lamps. This property leads to a considerable additional effort when recycling since the types of glass differ too much from one another.

Dealing with old LED light sources is very easy if you do not regard the lamp as a classic light source. Just treat them like a broken electronic device. The lamps can be disposed of in the same way. You can therefore hand them into a retail store or recycling center free of charge, just like conventional electronic devices.

Why is it important to dispose of LED bulbs correctly?

There is usually a good reason for the time-consuming disposal of certain components. Energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes included for example dangerous and environmentally harmful elements such as mercury. In order to protect the environment, it is therefore important that the lamps do not end up in normal household waste. Under certain circumstances, mercury causes considerable damage in nature and pollutes the groundwater, for example.

With LED lamps, the reason for the special disposal is different. The lamps are made of the following materials:

  • 88 percent glass
  • 7 percent different metals
  • 7 percent other materials

The metals it contains, such as indium and gallium, are very rare and are used in many electronic devices.

The useful raw materials of the lamps are lost in household waste and cannot be reused. It is also not ideal for the environment if the substances end up in a normal landfill.

Versatile and powerful LED bulbs from LED Strips World for every purpose

LED ligts strip for decoration of interiors. LED tape.

At LED Strips World you get extremely powerful LED lights in many different variations. Below we give you a brief overview of our exceptional variety of products. You still can’t find the right LED illuminant for your purposes? We would be happy to create individual solutions for you that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

The following products are part of our extensive range:

  • QLF LED strip
  • QLF Pro LED strip
  • Modular area lighting Ra
  • QLP LED modules
  • Qosmic floor lamp
  • QLS LED screen

LED strips from the QLF series

Our LED strips can be perfectly customized and impress with high colorfastness. A value of 80 CRI ensures that the lamps keep their color constant over many years.

To adjust the straps to your needs, simply shorten them as you like with scissors or a similar tool. The length of the band is up to five meters and offers you a lot of freedom. The color temperature is also very variable with values ​​from 2200 to 6500 Kelvin. The decorative LED strips are used, for example, in furniture or under kitchen cabinets.

Our QLF Pro LED strip is particularly robust and can be used outdoors without any problems. High-quality materials such as gold and ceramic ensure that the LED lights are extremely durable. The service life of up to 200,000 hours guarantees you years of trouble-free operation.

With the LED strips from the QLF Pro brand, you are opting for strong and durable products. The LED bulbs have a constant luminosity and colorfastness that remains the same for over 60 years.

QLP LED modules and modular area lighting Ra

Our Ra ​​brand LED illuminants perfectly illuminate surfaces of all sizes. With area lighting, you create a particularly bright light that is ideal for large halls or garages. Decide for yourself on the properties and size of the lamp. Show off exhibits or create the perfect task lighting.

Here you benefit from a high color spectrum with a resolution of 16 bits and immerse the surroundings in atmospheric light. Another advantage is the thin LED film, which allows the light source to be mounted discreetly. A special light diffuser also ensures that all corners of a room receive the same amount of light. It scatters the rays of light and shines in every corner.

In addition, our Ra ​​area lighting is flicker-free and has gold-plated copper conductors for maximum durability.

Our QLP LED modules are also well suited to reliably illuminate large areas. These are square LED modules that are also ideal for outdoor use. This is made possible by the use of high-quality ceramics and other valuable materials such as gold. In this way, the modules impress in any environment with outstanding durability.

For particularly flexible use, they can also be shortened every 48 millimeters and controlled in different ways.

The Cosmic floor lamp

With the Cosmic floor lamp, we offer you a smart and space-filling lamp for a variety of purposes. It has a luminosity of 8000 lumens and easily illuminates larger rooms. It can also be operated extremely conveniently via your iPhone or iPad.

The lamp also looks great with Apple products. With its elegant aluminum design, it beautifies every room.

The QLS LED screen

Are you looking for an extraordinary home cinema? Then discover our powerful QLS displays. With a thickness of just 25 millimeters, they can be easily mounted on the wall. Here you benefit from an outstanding refresh rate of 3840 Herz and a high resolution of 16 bits.

You can set the size as you like and easily change it later. The displays are also silent because they have no ventilation. Maintenance is never necessary.

The philosophy of LED Strips World

We are the market leader in the field of LED lamps, housings, and controls. Innovation is what drives us and enables us to design numerous exceptional products. Our goal is to present you with the best possible and particularly economical solutions.

At the same time, we are making a decisive contribution to a sustainable future. LED bulbs last much longer than other bulbs and use far less electricity. Therefore they are particularly environmentally friendly.

In order to enable the high quality of our products, we use particularly high-quality raw materials that meet our strict requirements. Cooperation with our suppliers is also crucial to the success of our company.

We pay attention to every link in our production chain and value fair and responsible dealings with our partners. Stable and long-term cooperation is in the interest of both parties. They enable trusting and productive cooperation.

In addition to our high-quality standards, it is our concern to design the perfect product for your individual requirements. Therefore, in addition to our wide range of products, we also offer you individual solutions that can be freely designed. We would be happy to advise you in detail and present you with a professional product that exactly meets your needs.

We also stand for great customer proximity and maximum transparency. Get in contact with us now. We look forward to seeing you and will be happy to help you find creative solutions and concepts. You can use our clear contact form to let us know what you would like in an uncomplicated manner.


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