How to connect LED strips


    Connecting LED strips – couplings, connectors, soldering

    LED strips offer great design options. However, some lighting installations require connecting multiple sections of LED strips. The LED strips can be connected to each other with special accessories or with a soldering iron.

    Connect led strips

    Connect LED strips in series or parallel

    LED strips can be combined with each other in two ways: in series and in parallel.

    Series connection: The series connection of LED strips consists of connecting consecutive strip sections together. This connection method is recommended for short strip sections.

    Parallel connection: With this connection, each section of the strip is connected directly to the power supply. This type of connection prevents voltage drops.

    Connecting longer sections of LED strip

    Sections longer than 5 m should not be connected to each other – such a connection can cause voltage drops. Connecting the LED strips to a power supply should be done according to the diagram:

    connect two led strips

    How to connect an LED strip without soldering

    To connect sections of LED strips without soldering, use special connectors or couplers designed for this purpose LED strips. They enable quick and easy assembly without a soldering iron. When choosing the connectors, pay attention to the width of the LED strip and its type. Some connectors are for single color strips, others for RGB or RGBW strips.

    Connection/coupling for LED strips
    LED strips can be connected by soldering, connections, or couplings. The connections or couplings should be selected correctly according to the strip type (eg RGB) and its width.
    Coupling variants: Single color
    LED strips: 8mm, 10mm  
    RGB strips: 10mm
    RGBW strips: 10mm, 12mm Angle
    connector: allows strips to be connected at an angle

    How to connect LED strips in silicone

    LED strips with increased IP protection are secured with a silicone coating. To connect these strips, carefully remove the silicone layer from the connection point and then use a connector or coupler to connect the two sections of the LED strip.

    How to solder LED strips?

    Another way to connect LED strips is soldering.

    Solder led strips

    To start, you need to prepare:
    – transformer-soldering iron
    – solder
    – strips or wires for soldering

    1. Preheat the soldering iron (the temperature should be in the range of 320-380°C)
    2. Bring the tin to the designated places of the LED strip
    3. Connect the dots with the applied tin in a horizontal motion
    4. Wait a few seconds for the tin to cool.

    How to solder LED strips in silicone?

    To join sections of the waterproof LED strip by soldering, carefully remove the silicone layer and then solder the LED strips together at the appropriate locations. Use a clear shrink fitting to protect the solder joint. It is worth remembering that the light from the LEDs is slightly dimmed in the place where the connector is located.


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